Zotero Group Library

Another project that I had initial discomfort starting (I guess it comes with the territory of being a numbers guy opposed to a wordsmith).  One of the problems I always had with research papers was note-taking, specifically what to include and how to say it.  I always figured the people who wrote the papers I researched already eliminated the unnecessary and stated the important information better than I could.  Which leads to the best way I could think of as to how to use Zotero for research and collaboration.

By working with others, I could improve my note-taking skills by learning from my group members.  In the meantime, I could provide valuable information by finding articles and providing the key concepts from them (even if not the greatest notes ever written) to determine how useful they would be to our project.

In general, Zotero makes research projects, both solo and group, less cumbersome.  It makes easier the tasks of cataloging documents, note-taking, writing bibliographies and organizing.  It allows for sharing in a much more efficient manner, even with group members halfway around the world.  It also accentuates the strengths of each person in the group, allowing them to best contribute to the project.

Here is the link to my group’s library and the article I have included:


A Meta-Analysis Examining the Impact of Computer-Assisted Instruction on Postsecondary Statistics Education: 40 Years of Research


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