Getting Started with CSS in Dreamweaver

Once again, I started the week thinking, “I’ll never be able to do this!”  And, once again, I ended the project thinking, “What was I thinking???  This was easy!”  OK, not easy, but not as difficult as I imagined.

Again, a lot of reading.  This time, I had the right pages.  That helped.  Of course, the biggest help was the videos from Dr. Snelson.  I watched the videos as I did each section, pausing at times so I could do that part for my assignment.  By piecemealing the videos this way, it made it easier and I didn’t have to go back and review the videos a second time.

I really one to thank Dr. Snelson for these videos.  I can be impatient, so I did find myself saying (at times), “Come on, Doc.  Spit it out.”  However, without them, I am not sitting here on day three of the assignment writing a wrap up in my blog.

One more project for the week.  I’ll probably never be able to do it 😉