EDTECH 504 Week One Discussion

The video mentioned how people have always fretted the use of technology.  My answer is that we must prepare students for their future, not our past.  Pittsburgh, where I am from, was steel mill town in my father’s day.  Now, the mills are gone and it is a high-tech city. Unfortunately, many from my generation were raised, and thus raised their children, for a life that no longer exists.  They have skills that are in rare demand and are unqualified for the careers that are out there.

Cuban (p6) mentions how “non-teachers are changing classroom practice.”  This is a major problem with education.  The people in charge often have little experience in the classroom and weren’t very good teachers.  I have always believed that the school system needs to look to the military model where the best are promoted to positions of authority and decision making.  Imagine how WWII might have turned out if General Patton was replaced by Beetle Bailey.

Another interesting finding of Cuban was obstacles blocking increase use of films in classrooms (p57).  He lists teachers’ skills, overall cost, accessibility and appropriateness of the material.  Ironically, these are probably the main reasons for the lack of current technology in the classroom today.


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