Evolution of Educational Technology

I created a Glog of the changing definition of Educational Technology that can be found here:


Initially, I had trouble getting my account.  The site could be a little more user-friendly when setting up.  Once I got through that, the interface was rather easy to operate.

My biggest difficulty was in the content of the assignment.  I am a numbers guy and finding media to fit the definitions wasn’t easy.  Finally, I settled with googling on “the definition of educational technology in xxxx” (the xxxx being the different years for the definition).  Then, I searched through the various sites to find the best one to fit each definition.

One thing I tried to do was select different types of media to be included.  That’s why I included video, articles and maps.

The overall design was influenced by math background.  I maintained an order to the design with a year banner on top, the definition in the middle, and the media at the bottom.

In conclusion, I think glogster would be an okay tool to use in the classroom.  I can think of plenty of uses in the math field.  But, I think it is an even better tool for students to use to create projects to show their understanding of concepts.