RSS for Education

RSS feeds are a great way to stay updated on information.  They are efficient because you get updates automatically without searching every time.  Because of this, they can be very effective as a teaching tool.

Many times while teaching, I have students who need more work on a lesson than we have time for in class.  Making worksheets is not only costly from a supply point, but they require the student to wait for them to get checked to know if they have comprehended the lesson.  With RSS feeds, students can gain immediate access to information and feedback to help them learn.

RSS feeds can also be helpful in writing of lesson plans.  By subscribing, a teacher can receive updates to news and information that s/he can use to help create new lessons or update older ones.  They can also stay abreast of the most current theories in education in order to provide the best source of knowledge to their students.

Here is a link to my bundle of teaching resources: